PS4 Gets PS2 Classics

PS4 Gets PS2 Classics

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004 Rockstar Games)

Today the PlayStation 4 will feature more PlayStation 2 titles on its digital marketplace. Announced last month and speculated for even longer, there are currently eight titles with a solid mix of genres. Most of the titles were extremely enjoyable at when they were released and actually most of them have held up in the decade or so since they’ve been released.

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The current wave of titles will be available on North American and European PlayStation Network and—besides two of the games—will be available for $15. The games on the list have gotten a new coat of paint in 1080p and have generation-specific features like trophies. The titles are listed below along with their genre.

PS2 Games For $14.99
Dark Cloud (Action RPG)
Grand Theft Auto III (3rd Person Action)
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (3rd Person Action)
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (3rd Person Action)
The Mark of Kri (Action RPG)
Rogue Galaxy (Action RPG)

PS2 Games For $9.99
Twisted Metal: Black (Vehicle Combat)
War of the Monsters (Fighting)

While it doesn’t have the same “wow” as backwards compatibility—plus you’re paying $10 and $15 for digital versions of decade-old games—it’s a very good list for those of us who remember when these games were released on the PS2. President Yoshida said that more will be released in the coming months.

Here’s hoping for a few of my favorites Romance of the Three Kingdoms X, Suikoden IV, RAW DANGER, and the extremely fun but humorous R.A.D: Robotic Alchemic Drive.

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