Put some WOW in your iPhone

Put some WOW in your iPhone

Voice changers- we’ve all played with them at some time or another- making our words come out sounding robotic or like a creature from outer space. You know how it worked; you held a little plastic box or long plastic tube in front of your mouth, flipped a switch and out came the strangest sounds.

Well, that gizmo that we all enjoyed so much in childhood is back in a hi-tech way that even grownups can play with.  Ridiculo.us has a new Kickstarter project called the WeeWow. This amazing little device lets you turn your iPhone into a talk box when you slip it on to the bottom of your phone over the speaker.  How does it work?  You simply place the included tube in your mouth and just like the old toy start making weird noises.  Even better, the WeeWow can take the sounds made by your phone and change them also. Think of the endless possibilities with the dozens of sound apps that are available for your iPhone.

There are so many things iPhone users are already able to do—so why not have an instant sound machine to just crank up the fun a notch? The WeeWow developers say that the device has the auto tuner capability to let you also use sound apps for added fun. With a little practice, in no time at all you’re talking in a cool sounding robot voice or singing your favorite tune. Shades of Peter Frampton’s guitar. The really cool thing about the WeeWow is that you don’t need all those cables and plugs to get the same effect that pros do with an auto tune or talk box.  You can even plug in an electric guitar with the right adaptor for your iPhone and jam out or become a one person band. Add fun to your next gathering—freak your friends out. The fun just keeps on going with the WeeWow.

How did they come up with this super cool gizmo? One of the developers noticed that by covering and uncovering his iPhone’s speaker while talking it made a “wow-wow-wow” noise like a talk box. The prototype was put together in less than a week.

Traditional voice transformers and auto tune talk boxes cost hundreds of dollars. This low-tech version will be available for pre-order from Kickstarter starting at $25 per unit. The devices are scheduled to be available later this year.

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