Apple Now Selling Refurbished Apple Watches

Apple Now Selling Refurbished Apple Watches

As we know Apple is selling refurbished devices—mainly iPhones and iPads—this now includes the Apple Watch. Customers will now be able to get refurbished Apple Watches off the official site.

With the selling of refurbished devices, Apple sells its high quality, recently repaired and restored products for prices that knock a couple of dollars off the original price. While the discounts aren’t anything to write home about for the most part, the prices are sure to reel in a few interested buyers or iPhone users who want a recent phone, but don’t want to or are unable buy it full price.

For those wondering about the nature of the price cuts, they fall between 14 and 16-percent and depend on the series and model. For instance a white sport band, stainless steel 42mm Series 2 goes for $509.00 refurbished while it’s $599 new. Be sure to pay attention to the availability as it can be out of stock or incoming.

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