Review: A.I type Keyboard

Review: a.i type KeyboardAll keyboards for devices work exactly the same way at the core: you type, autocomplete, autocorrect, and so on. Occasionally you’ll see keyboards that fall of short and can’t even do the simplest functions correctly and others that bring all of these great features to the table. One of the good ones worth looking at is the A.I type Keyboard developed by A.I type.


In using A.I type’s keyboard as a replacement for my default Android OS one, I found myself enjoying the next word prediction feature—a feature some newer keyboards and more recent updates of established ones are putting out.

A.I Type Keyboard

The A.I type Keyboard does a very good job with predicting the next work in a phrase.

The other main feature A.I type Keyboard has is a long press for some keys which allows access to more keys. It’s not a significant feature, but definitely a useful one–especially with emoticons.

A.I Type Keyboard

The long press feature is a common one of smartphone and tablet keyboards, but A.I type’s gives you quite the selection depending on the key.

As with any app, the paid version tends to give users features that might be worth picking up. In A.I type Keyboard’s case, it’s the word prediction, autocorrection (yes, autocorrection is a Plus feature), and the ability to get use to your typing style and fine tune word prediction based on commonly used words and phrase structure.

While A.I type offers a couple of themes for you to make the keyboard your own, the best part of customization with this app is the variety of languages available via its “Predictionary” series. Besides the standard Spanish and French, you get a number of languages that are sometimes overlooked or take awhile to get around to in terms of translation.

A.I Type Keyboard

This keyboard offers a large variety of ready to download and use languages via options.

One glaring problem with the keyboard is the size of the keys. Some themes will give users with larger fingers more space to strike while others will have users using the very tips of their fingers or altering their texting style. With the Plus version, users get the ability to change the keyboard’s size.


As far as stability goes, A.I type is a very stable once you have it on your device. Being an Android app, you would expect there to be a few crashes, but having put the keyboard through extended IM sessions, tweeting, and general browsing, I’ve seen no crashes or lag from the app’s end. That said, you could experience crashes and lag depending on what version and variant of Android you’re using.


The A.I type Keyboard is worth trying out at least. You might have a keyboard that works for you know and you’re either not up for changing keyboards or A.I type just does work for you. It’s an app worth installing and getting the full version for those who speak languages that generally don’t get support or who simply want the option ready. A strong next word prediction feature also makes A.I type worth picking up and is the app’s shining feature.

Autocorrect being a Plus feature and the size of the keys are an annoyance. Autocorrect might be one that could be overlooked, but the size of the keys on the free version is cause for concern for some.

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