Review: Ancient Aliens: The Game

So while scrolling through Google Play and hunting for another weekend game I came across A&E’s Ancient Aliens: The Game. My first thought is “Uhh no? What? No.” That’s not a knock on the show–it gets enough already–but on the idea of turning it into a game.

Review: Ancient Aliens: The Game

                                                                         I’d rather not…

After that initial thought, I figured “You know what? Why not?” I’ve got nothing to lose but hours of my weekend. Mind you, it would only be a few hours out of a slow Thursday because I knew exactly what kind of game I was getting and I’m not a fan of the genre when it’s on mobile.

Released in 2016, Ancient Aliens: The Game is a strategy game that is heavy on city building and resource management. Elements I enjoy on PC and even console but the feature bothers me on mobile because the more advanced stuff becomes time-locked and the games rarely offer anything extra to do. What you’re doing at the moment, that’s it.

Review: Ancient Aliens: The Game

                         Probing? Check. Mind manipulation? Check. Slavery? Check.

As you might have gathered, it pretty much the same here. You can set up places to gather or draw resources and level them up, but the time spent takes longer as they become advanced. Where it becomes bothersome is that the storyline of the game is actually fairly interesting that you might want to continue playing but you’ll end up running into an hour-plus block of upgrading resources or learning a new skill–all very important things in these sorts of games.

So normally this would mean either putting down your phone or tablet and finding something else to do, doing something else on your device, or just playing another game entirely. It just seems to take away from focusing on the game itself.

Review: Ancient Aliens: The Game

Of course, there is a way around that: in-game purchases or watching a video for more whatever-currency. Something I very rarely do. Aside from this gameplay issue, the game looks clear and has the same art style as similar games where you run a kingdom or empire and can battle or trade with other players. There’s nothing unique here in that regard.


This could be a very fun game to play for a few hours here and there and I would probably rate it higher if not for the real-time wait times. It has something of a backstory to get you into it and that’s a plus. The gameplay is very familiar since these kinds of games tend to dominate every now and then. Ancient Aliens: The Game isn’t one of those dominating games.


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