Review: BlackPlayer

FifthSource is a developer that hasn’t done many apps. There’s a stopwatch app but those then to be pretty pointless given all smartphones come with one already. Oh no, this isn’t about its stopwatch–that would be a super brief review–no, this is about its fine BlackPlayer music player.

Review: BlackPlayer

You might say “But Swift, smartphones come with music players too.” You would be correct but those can be…functional. They get the job of listening to tunes done but not without sometimes going through that manufacturer or OS developer’s music service offerings. BlackPlayer allows for old school, no obstruction, off your internal storage or SD card playback.

And really that’s all there is to BlackPlayer. It’s a straightforward, dark (light with the pro version) player. The interface is very standard: you tap on a pop-over menu in the top left and you get options for settings, equalizer–just general navigation. At the top of the player, there are the categories you can access your music through such as album, artists, genre, playlists, and so on.

Review: BlackPlayer


The free version of BlackPlayer is more than capable of no-frill music listening. I also like the band bios that are taken from various sources and the title layout with band and artist pictures.

The UI is very clean and for me personally, the black/gray scheme makes it look sleek. I tend to use night mode or the dark version for most of my apps anyway but it’s easy to see how it could be an eye strain for some users.

That said, there’s really nothing that makes it stand out greatly from other music players. Then again, it’s a music player. Its main task is one thing.


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