Review: Business Inc.

As the name suggests, Business Inc. is a business management sim by Octigo Project Management PMP. The game is pretty straight forward in execution if you’ve played other business sims or not, but there’s a twist here.

Review: Business Inc.

As a mobile game developer, your sole goal is to take on projects and complete them. You won’t assign workers to specific tasks within the project, but just to the project as a whole for them to complete. Assigning one worker will move the progress of the project while adding more will move it along faster.

Workers are available at the start, but you’ll need to train them to open the doors to longer projects that offer higher payouts. To train your employees, you’ll to pay for them to use certain materials to raise their skill gradually.

Review: Business Inc.

This is where the game kind of services as an advertisement for business training and management materials by featuring actual branded training materials with a link to them.

Managing your employees mainly comes down to pouring money into them to either keep the morale bar high or train them to the next level—that’s if you want them skilled rapidly instead of taking a long time by putting them on projects.

Review: Business Inc.

This element is probably the best part since it forces you to think if you want to sink money into developing this employee so that they’ll be useful on higher level projects.

To move up to the next level—or larger offices—you’ll need to accumulate a certain amount of money and purchase the new office. From there you will be able to hire more employees and everything repeats and continues in this fashion with longer projects being added.

There is also an element of managing your employees’ morale, but like training that can be handled by throwing money at it, really.

Review: Business Inc.


Business Inc. has a pretty nice pixel style which is popular for games now, but the actual mechanics of the game leaves a lot to be desired for it to be enjoyable. There is a challenge available, but it’s depends on the player sticking around long enough to advance through a repetitious project ladder.

This isn’t the most appealing game, but it does have moments of fun and challenge here and there. That said, it’s not a game that will keep you playing long term—especially since there’s nothing extra here. RATING: 2/5

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