Review: CartoonTV

Let’s talk a brief second about apps that shouldn’t be in an app store. We all know some terrible apps that kind of linger around in an app store or those first apps a developer makes that shouldn’t be there–like a basic calculator app.

But what about those apps that are so good and pure that they’re too good for iTunes or Google Play. In short, they bring so much joy that it makes you wonder why they’re even there. While it has a few apps, the CartoonTV app is one of those apps. There are issues with just the interface of this app–it’s ugly but functional. You have an ad before the video starts but most of these apps have these ads. The same few ads as well. Annoying but there it is.

Review: CartoonTVObviously, you’ll want a good WiFi connection to view everything but for all its faults, there is a very nice selection of old-school western cartoons and anime in addition to more recent series. Other than that, there isn’t much to this app. You can save your favorite shows and there’s the mandatory “Search” function.

CartoonTV was available on Google Play until last week or so. You can find the app on an .apk site such as APK Pure.


It’s every cartoon viewing app in one decent enough bundle. It’s far from sleek and it doesn’t have many features that will make you go “Wow” or call it “The next big startup,” but it brings joy.

Current cartoons are available as well as some ultra-cool classics. Are you like me and grew up on Transformers, X-Men: The Animated Series, and 80s and 90s anime? CartoonTV has it all. Remember Mutant League, Speed Racer, and Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs? They’re there too. It even has some live action shows for all you 80s and 90s kids out there.

In short, this app is a must if you just want to watch toons. It’s even better when you view it on your PC monitor or TV.

Grade: B-

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