Review: Chrome Remote Desktop

Review: Chrome Remote Desktop

Remote access is one of those extremely useful technologies for productivity or even leisure. Embodying both that simplicity and effectiveness one looks for in a remote access tool, Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop is an app available for PC as well as Android-powered smartphone and tablets that matches both categories.


There really isn’t much there in the way of features. It’s a straight forward app that allows users to access their laptop, desktop, or tablet from their smartphone or tablet. All that is required is a kind of registering your device to use the host computer once you’ve created a PIN for it.

Chrome Remote Desktop

After “registering” your regular go-to hosts and getting PINS you’ll be able to access them.

Navigation via smartphone or tablet is easy enough with your finger serving as the mouse. There is also a keyboard icon for when you wish to type.

Chrome Remote Desktop

An expected feature, navigation and typing are both easy.

The desktop version also allows users to share their desktop with someone else via a several digit code. In both cases, as long as there is a working internet connection with the host computer and the host’s firewall has an exception for Chrome Remote Desktop; users will be able to access and navigate that host.


Remote access as a whole isn’t as fluid as it could be or as most would like, but for simple actions such as finding files, simple browsing, and sending email, Chrome Remote Desktop works extremely well. The app also does its job when used for remote assistance and troubleshooting.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Operations such as browsing, email, and file management are where Chrome Remote Desktop shine.

YouTube, Netflix, and other video streaming services cause a good deal of lag at times and can sometimes simply freeze up the browser. It’s also best if users don’t go in expecting to play your PC game remotely. If the game is graphics extensive, I wouldn’t try it.


Google Chrome Remote Desktop is an app that is a very good one for straight forward, simple operations. It’s free and there’s also an iOS version still in the works. Given its usefulness and that it’s just good to have if users can’t be bothered walking across the room to deal with their computer, the app is well worth the installation. As long as users have some sort of internet connection on them and their computer has an internet connection, they’re good to go.

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