Review: Cyber Knights RPG

Review: Cyber Knights RPGFor those who would prefer more classic RPG experiences on our mobile devices, the Trese Brothers have delivered on that front several times over on several titles. The title to check out for newcomers to the Trese Brothers approach is Cyber Knights.


The primary gameplay in Cyber Knights is divvied up among combat, delivery, and the more complex hacking jobs. Your main goal is to build reputation among the different factions in the New Boston Zone. Higher reputation will bring more perks and allow you to get out of some situations with factions you have a good reputation with.

Review: Cyber Knights RPG

Cyber Knights plays is a turn based RPG with a tactical slant. There are random encounters, but your stats play a huge role in allowing for you to avoid the battle by threatening your way out of the confrontation or to accept the fight. By raising stealth your character can avoid a good number of battles and other encounters such as security drones and checkpoints.

Your character’s skill at combat is most important in escort, envoy, kidnapping, and assassination-type jobs. Outside of combat-based jobs, your level of skill at stealth, electronics, etc. will give you an edge at hacking, planting, and surveillance jobs.

Review: Cyber Knights RPG


When all else fails job wise there’s always the ones that only require you to delivery something from point A to point B.

There’s also other elements such as Heat which is how much your character is being observed in an area by that faction. Things such as fights or negative run-ins with that zone’s ruling faction will build Heat (and negative reputation, an element in most Trese Brothers games).


The game takes place in the New Boston Zone in the 23rd century and your character is a runner turned knight who must navigate the zone’s politics and clashes. A runner is basically a hired gun who works for a knight. A knight is a skilled and well augmented hired gun who works for various factions.

Review: Cyber Knights RPG

While there is a story mode, the gameplay will get you to the point where you’ll likely divert from the storyline and just play sandbox mode. Sandbox mode just allows you to play the game freely without being confided to the tutorial and progression of story mode. As a matter of fact, story mode is basically sandbox mode with the tutorial.

Story mode isn’t really essential to play, but doing so adds some pacing and structure to your experience. Not much, but it’s there.


The characters, landscape, and backgrounds capture the vibe the post apocalyptic cyberpunk story in 2D. Call me old school, but I really enjoy the 2D approach of Trese Brothers games. It gives them that true classic vibe along with the gameplay. Plus it allows for the game to be played on roughly any smartphone OS that the Trese Brothers put the game on.

Review: Cyber Knights RPG


There’s probably two or three songs that you’ll hear while playing the game: two while on the game map and the combat theme. That might seem limited to most—especially in a time where we’re use to hearing multiple songs loop through—but it manages to work for Cyber Knights.


Cyber Knights is totally worth picking up if you’re a fan Blade Runner or the ShadowRun tabletop or video games, old school RPGs, or cyberpunk in general. Honestly, it’s the kind of title that should be on major consoles or at least microconsoles for those of us who wish to play on a large screen with a controller. The gameplay is top notch and the artwork and audio works in tandem to set the tone and environment for the game. I recommend the Elite version of the game for more characters to enjoy and no ads.



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