Review: Game Dev Story

Previously Kairosoft’s animation studio-based business simulator Anime Studio Story was reviewed and Game Dev Story was mentioned regularly for its similarities. The older of the two games, Game Dev Story plays exactly like Anime Studio Story at the core meaning there’s no actual learning curve to the game.

Review: Game Dev Story

SIMILAR REVIEWS: Anime Studio Story (by Kairosoft) – 4 out of 5

Being an older title and the blueprint for most business sims games in Kairosoft’s library, Game Dev Story uses the same sprites, backgrounds, and audio. While the gameplay is also the blueprint for the rest of the franchise—and in some cases the company’s career and RPG titles—it takes a simpler approach.

The thing that really puts Game Dev Story over Anime Studio Story that you’re playing as a game develop studio. Having fallen out of truly enjoying modern anime—outside of Fairy Tale—I didn’t care too much that I was run an anime studio in Anime Studio Story than I did in running a game develop company and only wanting to make RPGs.

Review: Game Dev Story

You’re purely trying to build good games and consoles, hire talent who are better than your previous batch, move up to a better studio, and get the Game of the Year award. Anime Studio Story adds your studio having to pick different networks to air your series on and you have to develop characters to be in series. With Game Dev Story it doesn’t do too much, but what it does is extremely fun and holds up even against the newer titles.


Of course you should play Game Dev Story. It’s been out forever and it’s one of those Kairosoft games available for iOS and Android in their Lite versions. It also has that Kairosoft charm to it that gives you a bit of a challenge with a Harvest Moon vibe. If you’re satisfied with the game, the full Android version is currently $2.36 and $4.99 on iOS.

RATING: 5 out 5

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