Review: KISS Rock City

Review: KISS Rock City

KISS Rock City by Sproing Publishing is a career/life sim or rather a fame simulator if you liken it to Kim Kardashian Hollywood which it plays exactly like. In this title, you take control of a created guitarist who forms their own band with the guidance of KISS every step of the way.

Review: KISS Rock City

Objectives involve completing a task and using energy to do so. Since energy will often be limited, half of the game will be a waiting game unless you’re tempted to purchase more energy. On top of that, objectives last awhile and KISS Rock City doesn’t offer a variety of missions to do and it can be very linear when starting.

In addition to objectives, you have to perform shows and record music. This is often done to KISS tunes in a condensed Rock Band fashion. It works here. The game offers some customization for your character and band but it’s a grind to get any of the good content unless you’re willing to pay for currency to purchase it. Sad but true.


KISS Rock City isn’t a horrible game, it’s just a game with a pace that demands your commitment to playing it but doesn’t reward that commitment in any way.

Review: KISS Rock City

                                                         My band: Dissident Aggressor

After a while, you’ll find that the game is much of the same and while you don’t have to pay to make progress, it certainly helps to do so if you want to progress at a reasonable pace. It’s available for Android and iOS. If you’re a KISS fan you might dig this as an adequate time waster but it’s otherwise skippable.

Rating: D

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