Review: Let’s Play Tycoon

I love tycoon games and business management sims, there’s usually a decent degree of longevity and challenge in them—even with cutesy but deceptively difficult franchises like those from Kairosoft.

Review: Let's Play Tycoon

Cool Frogs Studio’s Let’s Play Tycoon isn’t one of those deceptively difficult games or one of those with a good deal of longevity, but it is an extremely fun one with a good deal of longevity.

Let’s Play Tycoon can be broken down into two parts: managing your Let’s Play career and managing your finances and well being. The mechanic that balances these two sides out will be your well being: you have to eat and get some rest to have the energy to either do LPs or go out to work. The more energy you have the more LPs you might be able to squeeze in or the better paying jobs you can take on.

Review: Let's Play Tycoon

This mechanic becomes easier to manage once you get higher up the collaboration ladder/have a larger fanbase. By this time you’ll bring in a decent amount of money to where you can eat expensive meals. There are also the random events that might garner you a great amount of money.

Money in the game is used to buy more equipment to make better videos and meet the demands of what your fans would like to see. It’s also for buying games, consoles, and meals. You can ask your community what they’d like to see which will give you a hint while creating videos. You can also watch ads for other mobile games to get bonuses.

Review: Let's Play Tycoon

The main form of measurement or advancement in the game is the list of potential collaborators on games. These other gamers have their own fanbases and you’ll be able to do collaborations with them dependant on how large your own fanbase is. The best way to build a fanbase is to meet fan expectations or do something similar.

You’ll need to keep them happy and the best way to do that is to do collaborations with gamers who have similar fanbases or higher or keep your videos fresh. Let’s Plays can be done repeatedly with no issue, but if you do a review on a game, it’s best not to do a collaboration on the same video and vice versa.

Review: Let's Play Tycoon

On the first play of Let’s Play Tycoon, you might be in over your head initially when it comes to getting followers, but you’ll quickly get your bearings, figure out an effective strategy, start a new game, and coast along easily. There’s enough of a collaboration ladder and random events with choices to make to keep you playing for a good while. There’s also a good amount of potential here to expand it into something more. RATING: 3.5 out of 5

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