Review: Memrise Learn 50 Languages

Memrise’s Learn 50 Languages is as it says on the tin: a language learning app. The thing that makes it stand out from another language learning app that we reviewed in Duolingo is the amount of languages available.

Memrise Learn 50 Languages

One thing that Duolingo didn’t bring was learning languages from regions in Asia and Africa while there were a decent amount of languages from Europe with extensive lessons.

With Memrise, you see a variety of languages to learn from and to learn which makes this app a much more flexible one for learning and teaching.

There’s also flexibility in letting you choose your proficiency at the start so you don’t necessarily have to start from the beginning.

Memrise Learn 50 Languages

While variety is nice, the quality and amount of lessons available are what’s key in a language learning app. Learn 50 Languages gives you lessons that increase with difficulty as new words and phrases are added, but aren’t complex to the point that you’d just quit.

That is to say that Memrise’s offering isn’t going to hold your hand the whole way through your learning experience.

Similar to Duolingo, images and sounds are used to showcase the lessons all while using a pretty fun space theme—so you’re not just going lesson to lesson with nothing extra besides word match and fill in the blank modules.

Memrise Learn 50 Languages

If you’re looking to learn one of the lessons they offer in most North American schools—Spanish, French, and sometimes German—then this or Duolingo works perfectly.

For a larger selection of languages I’d definitely pick this app. In learning off of it most of the lessons were similar to what you’d find on other apps and there is a progress tracker. I suggest checking it out if you’re interested in learning a new language or freshening up what you already know. RATING: 4/5

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