Review: Microsoft Excel

Review: Microsoft Excel

In continuing with using Microsoft Office on mobile we’re going to take a look at Microsoft Excel (iOS). As we know, Excel is known for its spreadsheets and formulas that make it the most used program for recordkeeping and bookkeeping and one of the most downloaded apps on app stores.

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Review: Microsoft Excel

While continuous use with Excel will make it as second nature as Microsoft Word, it suffers from the same problem as doing anything extra as Microsoft Word. Are you typing content into cells? Easy. Are you resizing cells? Easy. Do you need to do any kind of editing the color of cells and doing formulas for Excel? It’s not particularly easy depending on the device.

This is where Excel mirrors Office. A tablet is actually necessary for any heavy lifting in Excel not just because of editing and formulas, but actually reading your work and going through large pieces of work that run several columns at any reasonable size, you’re not going to do that with a mobile phone without resizing things and scrolling back and forth.

Review: Microsoft Excel

As far as your usual Excel tasks you’re able to do them with mobile. You can assign formulas for whole columns or rows, you can input stuff for records, and you’re able to do more elaborate bookkeeping. You can also do your bars and graphs for your projects–as shown above. It’s a matter of space on the display that could make navigation a little more difficult than having a keyboard.


I prefer using Word over Excel on a mobile device, but that’s me doing most of my work through Word and doing lighter blogging using a tablet. Using Excel didn’t take much extra outside of moving everything to a tablet and using it landscape length. It helps that you can access your documents via OneDrive—just like Word—and that everything actually looks good on mobile Excel.

All you need to remember is that a tablet is needed. Other than that, Excel works pretty much as it would on a desktop or laptop. If you need to update books on the go the mobile version of Excel does the job very well. RELATED: 4/5

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