Review: Microsoft Word

Review: Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word (iOS) on my phone was something I never thought I’d use. Just looking at my phone—which fits my hand for typical mobile tasks—I always thought “Any typing beyond email and texting must be annoying on this thing.”

Trying it out for something heavy duty writing and I was pleasantly surprised. Using the same texting/email approach I was putting together a several page project in no time. Now that’s the general typing of a page which turns out to be a fairly easy task on mobile Word.

When we get into editing and page setup and everything else on the editing-customizing end of things it becomes a little extra. It’s actually down to the device you use. I did most of my work with the Android version of Microsoft Word on a LG G2 smartphone and navigating the toolbar can be a bit cumbersome given the space.

Review: Microsoft Word

Using Word on a Kindle—which is in itself a little extra since you have to use a .apk to add it—was a totally difference experience. With more room in landscape layout it’s almost as if you’re using a small laptop. You can navigate the toolbar easier and do anything you’ll need without much difficulty. In short everything you want to do with this app depends on the amount space you have to work with meaning if you’re using a smartphone or tablet.

It’s really expected that you get the mobile version of OneDrive so you can move documents between your devices and your computer and continue work on them, but really any cloud service works and comes with a free options that give you a few GB—which works for documents since even a large amount of documents wouldn’t eat up your cloud capacity.


This is just about an essential app if you can’t always be at your desktop or open your laptop. If you do a lot of creative writing, work on your books, or you have more business or tech-type work to attend to then should see a great deal of use in this app. Just remember to put work on the cloud and to switch devices depending on the project. RATING: 4.5/5

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