Review: Opera Mini

Opera has plenty of apps available including three browsers: Opera, Opera Beta, and Opera Mini (iOS).

Review: Opera Mini

This isn’t an uncommon practice for browsers to have three versions, but for Opera it’s a bit odd given that the Mini version is supposed to be the stripped down, faster version and Opera’s mobile and desktop browsers are already very fast.

The thing to remember about mobile browsers is that most use the same kind of UI, so you’re not getting something entirely different. As a matter of fact, the UI in most cases is very similar to the late 2000s-early 2010s Opera versions: stripped down, tabs, and refresh button.

Of course the desktop Opera browsers featured your navigational buttons as well, but the rest of toolbar stuff was in a menu button—something that has become very commonplace with modern versions of browsers.
Review: Opera Mini

Opera Mini’s UI is no different. It’s clean and clutter free. What I do like is that there’s a tab box at the bottom that you can just tap and select a page from there. You don’t have a row of tabs at the top of the screen or a tab box at the top or anything.

This mobile browser comes with a couple of device standard features such as boost, data monitoring, private mode, night mode, browser account, and ad block. Useful features, but nothing all that special once you’ve seen several mobile browsers or just mobile versions of programs and services in general.

Review: Opera Mini

Of course when you go to that app’s page on a store it’ll tell you how special it is, but there are some features—the ones mentioned—that you know are there, but they’re not ones you’re just going to jump on.

Opera Mini is my backup browser of choice for mobile and PC next to Chrome simply because I use Android and Chrome is right there. It’s not the best browser there is, it’s not particularly special given there are many mobile browsers well-known and little-known that do a lot of the same things or all of the things Opera Mini does.

What it does have going for it is that it’s a fast browser—and it should be given that’s a Mini. If you already use Opera Mini or even Opera good on you, it’s a good mobile browser. If you’re using a similarly known browser in the neighborhood of Chrome or Firefox: you’re not missing much from Opera Mini outside of a fresh install-fast browser and one of the better mobile experiences with Speed Dial. RATING: 3.5/5

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