Review: Puzzle and Dragons


Puzzle and Dragons by GungHo is the ultra-popular match-three puzzle game that became an instant hit shortly after its 2012 launch.

So why is it that we’re just now reviewing it? Match-three puzzle games tend to be very…run of the mill. If you ever played the old school arcade title Bust A Move (or just Bubble Bobble), you’ve played most puzzle games of this ilk.

Gameplay is simple, just match the colors and some of the bubbles, orbs, squares, or what have you go away. The objective in these kinds of games is to get all of this done before a ceiling lowers the remaining objects onto the bottom.

It’s something a mobile titan like Bubble Witch runs with ease. However, Puzzle and Dragons does like Bubble Witch and most modern match-three games and adds extra elements, cool artwork, and progression not just in difficulty but reward to keep you playing.

Review: Puzzle and Dragons
So what does GungHo’s offering add? A significant RPG element. While now most games that come out have an RPG element–mainly experience points–Puzzle and Dragons has the XP and a combat element driven by the core match-three gameplay.

All monsters and dragons in the game have an element (fire, wood, light, dark, and water). Each of these elements has a weakness (fire beats wood, wood beats water, water beats fire for instance).

Matching the colored orb to matching beasts and dragons’ element color allows for them to attack and can amplify the attack depending on how many orbs are matched. Target a monster weak to that element and you can make short work of them.

Monsters and dragons in the game can be strengthened by fusing monsters together and by evolving them. Most have three evolution stages at the minimum so it’s a good way to keep you hooked.

As far as graphics and sound go, the music is nothing special. It’s not annoying and doesn’t pick up until the boss battle or when you’re close to defeat. The graphics are clear but it’s all 2D so you’re not getting exciting animations to write home about.



Puzzle and Dragons is a very fun, addicting game that gives you that Pokemon fix in the form of a puzzle game. You’re essentially collecting monsters for you dungeon exploring team and if there’s anything I can get behind it’s collecting monsters in a game for a quest. The game could do with some actual story instead of just constantly progressing through dungeons but you have here is very serviceable to keep you playing.


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