Review: Slidejoy Lock Screen (Beta)

Last year saw Slidejoy get some attention for allowing users to make money with their lock screen. Simply install the app and you’ll have ads on your lock screen. From there, you unlock your Android phone like you normally would and you’ll be paid for viewing ad—but is even worth installing?


Slidejoy really doesn’t have much in the way of an interface—or features is why that section was skipped. All you have to do is either swipe to the left to look at more stuff about the app or right to continue to your home screen.

Review: Slidejoy Lock Screen (Beta)


There are a few screens in the app proper for ads, your balance, and cashing out or donating what you earned. That’s not necessarily a bad thing since Slidejoy doesn’t need a complex interface with flexibility and options. The app itself has one main purpose: get eyeballs on ads for clients with paying viewers as a side purpose.


This is a very stable app. No lag, no crashing, and it doesn’t eat up any actual resources on your phone. Simply put, it’s not a heavy app that would cause concern about crashing your phone. It’s mainly a background app that you wouldn’t even notice until you have to unlock the phone.

Review: Slidejoy Lock Screen (Beta)


Slidejoy isn’t really worth having on your phone at the moment. As its in beta stage still, it doesn’t seem like a good deal of clients have been picked up who are willing to offer a good amount for checking out the ads. That translates into not really needing to bother with the app overall since you’re just getting a couple of cents at a time.

In addition to that, some money you get from the app won’t be available for months and you likely still won’t enough to actually warrant keeping the app on your phone. It is great that you can cash out without needing your bank account information or for Google Play or even donate it.

Other than that, unless you’re just constantly unlocking your phone and you can actually make this app work for you, skip this app until it comes out of beta and get to the stage where you can get more during a pay period and not have to wait a month or two later for the bulk. We’ll definitely revisit this app once the ready version comes out.

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