Review: Star Command

Star Command (iOS) is a RPG that will remind you of Star Trek as far as ship crew assignments, the agency your captain answers to, and the adventures you’ll run into are concerned.

Review: Star Command

The game features a fledgling Star Command captain build their ship by adding parts then assigning crew members. Missions award three different icons to allocate to purchasing and updating parts as well as hiring crew members.

These missions also give experience points that—in RPG or any game out today-fashion—go towards leveling up your crew depending on what room they’ve been assigned to and how much use that room got during the mission.

Review: Star Command

Missions mainly focus around your superior sending you to a planet to investigate a disturbance of some sort and your ship running into a battle. The ship’s rooms that are activated during the battle—by tapping a button at the bottom of the screen related to that room—will get some experience points.

Since these battles tend to be pretty long, chances are all your rooms and assigned crew members will get some experience. Combat is active and based on how fast your cannons and torpedoes recharge. From there it a matter of being quick with your tapping as collecting ammo to fire is based on timing and accurately hitting the screen when the dot enters the circles.

Review: Star Command


Star Command is a fun RPG with some flaws. It’s limited in what adventures you can get into and there’s this nagging thing with your crew being unable to beam down to worlds and explore in the game.

When the game was in the funding stages, it appears that there were a lot of features being promoted that were left out in the final mobile offering, but what’s available is still an enjoyable game that will eat up some hours if you hang in there past a few grueling space battles at the start. RATING: 3/5

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