Review: Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

EA’s mobile offerings tend to range wildly between terrible and pretty good. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (iOS, Android) is one of those mobile EA titles that lands on the positive end of that spectrum.


The game is fairly simple in execution: you get and build a team of iconic—and some lesser known—Star Wars characters from across the main canon of the series and battle it out in hologram duels.

This is essentially a monster battling game using canonical characters, but falls more on the Pokemon end than Yu-Gi-Oh since there is a degree of move selection and character building here.Review: Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes


In the area of “character building” you have fairly typical RPG elements. You need to level up your characters to chalk up victories, each battle awards some currency and items that can be used to equip or craft then equip your character. This equipment adds to your character’s stats permanently including a bigger bump in stats when all slots are filled.

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There are also gems that allow players to upgrade skills used in battle when your characters come of level. Since the earlier and main portion of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes sees players advancing along a holo-board of battles, collecting currency and gems is easy enough.

Review: Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

It should also be noted that leveling up your characters is pretty easy in this game. You’re very likely to get a lot of training droids multiple times a day to put towards your characters, so you’re not grinding like you would in a traditional RPG.

Review: Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Since this is both a mobile game and an EA title, you do have the element of having “energy points” that dictates how much you can actually do. So after a few holo-board battles—and other battles that pop up as you advance in dueler level—you’ll probably end up pausing for your energy points to replenish early on.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is an extremely generous game. Even though it tries to entice you to purchase something in-app, if you play consistently, you’ll be rewarded daily for showing up to play, for meeting daily milestones, etc. There are also pretty hefty monthly rewards.

Review: Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

A lot of what is mentioned points to the game not being that challenging. The challenge doesn’t really kick in until the mid level-20s or 3-4th holo-board. At that point, you’re going to really want to come up strategy since you won’t be slicing through Jedis, Rebels, or Empire that easily anymore.

You’ll also find a challenge in dueling against other players’ teams. It’s possible to befriend other duelists and even have one of their characters they’ve worked on to join your team for holo-board duels.

Review: Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

As far as visuals and audio, the game looks good for what you do in the game. This isn’t a sloppy looking game and like other EA mobile titles, it looks good. The music is great. The sound effects are okay at best.


As stated before, this is one of the better EA mobile games. Waiting to play more can be annoying since this is one of those titles that motivates you play consistently and the game is paced to pressure you toward using actual money to get enhancements—that you really don’t need to enjoy the game.

There is also a definite challenge available here, but you’ll be eased into it to keep you playing and working on building your team (and getting points to unlock new characters).

If you’re a Star Wars fan like myself or just enjoy collectible team battle-style games, you’ll dig Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.


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