Music Streaming App Aurous Shuts Down After Settlement With RIAA

Aurous was here one minute and gone the next as it was forced to shut down after a legal threat from the Recording Industry Association of America.

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There was nothing particularly groundbreaking and fresh about Aurous besides the fact that it was free—no memberships, no payment tiers, and no ads. Appearance-wise it resembled the popular music streaming sites, but it operated as a hub that pulled music from other services.

Music Streaming App Aurous Shuts Down Following Settlement With RIAA

This is where it ran afoul of the RIAA. Those companies pay the labels for the rights to feature artist music on the same services Aurous built its library. Aurous said that the RIAA felt that it was benefiting financially without paying out to the labels, but said that the app makes nothing from ad revenue and there are no memberships. The RIAA said that Aurous could always get ad partners later.

Music Streaming App Aurous Shuts Down Following Settlement With RIAA

This isn’t the first time the RIAA has had to go after Aurous. In late October after agreeing to stop all operations and shutter the project, the source code was dropped on Github and announced on Twitter that Aurous was a non-profit open source project—which didn’t sit well with the RIAA at all.

So far there’s been no mention of future plans or projects from Aurous creator Andrew Sampson.

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