Ride-Sharing Store Cargo Strikes Deal With Uber

Ride-Sharing Store Cargo Strikes Deal With Uber

If you’ve never heard of Cargo, you probably will be hearing more of it between now and next year. It isn’t just a service with a good name off the bat, it’s also a ride-sharing service which has snacks and tech stuff available for riders. If you need a ride, something to eat, and a charge cable, Cargo has you covered. Drivers get to keep 25-percent of the total sales and are given $1 for any item purchased or taken.

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Now Cargo takes its next big step in a partnership with Uber. If you use Cargo, you know that you can purchase any products available through the app. Most expect Uber to add this feature on its app in the future. Honestly, it’s surprising that services like Lyft and Uber haven’t already jumped this since both services are constantly looking for ways to get the edge on the other or keep its advantage.

And sure enough there’s the newcomer arriving from out of nowhere with snacks and electronics. It’s For now, the deal sees Uber drivers pick up Cargo boxes at Uber stations in San Francisco and Los Angeles–if the driver has a 4.7 rating or better. Cargo is planning to ship similar deals to other ride-sharing companies. Unlike Uber, other drivers will get their Cargo content sent directly.

With a deal like this to building things on and just a year as a business, Cargo could be one of the services appearing a lot in the coming months if the partnership expands into other areas.

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