Rising Deaths and Injuries Following Ousting of Morsi

Rising Deaths and Injuries Following Ousting of Morsi

According to the Egyptian Ministry of Health, some 40 people were killed and 300 people injured. Muslim Brotherhood spokesman, Mahmoud Zaqzooq stated that 53 were killed—five of which were children. The details and reasons for the shootings are hazy, what is known as that people were shot. Depending on the side you ask, the shooting victims were either in the midst of peaceful protests and prayer or there was an armed pro-Morsi camp members who opened fire first.

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On the situation, Ahmed Mohamed Ali, a spokesman for the Armed Forces stated, “Any law in the world allows soldiers to defend Egyptian security when confronted with live fire. We are no longer talking about peaceful protests.” In contrast, protesters said that the Army shot without being provoked.

More reports said that the protests were attacked in the middle of prayer. Prior to the attack, they were warned that the security forces were coming. The scene was described as chaos with tear gas, gunfire, unarmed assault, dead, and wounded.

The entire situation started with the condition Egypt was in. With youth unemployment spiking rapidly, unfavorable handling of the economy by Morsi, and the power the Muslim Brotherhood were gaining, everything just mixed in one big powder keg. The protests were the fuse and following coup that saw Morsi kicked out of power was the fire that set the keg off. Celebration quickly became violence in less than a week.

With Morsi’s ousting and a new, military installed interim PM Mohamed ElBaradei has called for peace during the aftermath.

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