RMI pins hopes on BlackBerry Z10 to boost sagging sales

RMI pins hopes on BlackBerry Z10 to boost sagging sales

RMI is hoping the newly released Z10 will boost sagging sales and put the company closer to the being a force to contend with in the world of touchscreen smartphones. Critics say that that although the step is far from revolutionary, it is a bold move on RMI’s part by introducing a new interface option.

BlackBerry developers took to heart the suggestions from users both new and old, the three key concepts they wanted to see in Blackberry when designing the Z10 in hopes to continue to command respect in the smartphone market. In order to breathe new life into lagging sales and design, RMI brought in new designers handpicked with years of Apple and Microsoft experience.

The new team brought to RMI’s attention that the recent domination in the world of smartphones by Android and iPhone as put forth new standards of performance expectations from consumers. RMI execs wanted the new Blackberry products to behave and look like this new generation of devices. While some of these new operation standards have been seen in the BB 6 and 7 operating systems, it is only with the BB10 that RMI feels it comes closer to achieving the goal of wider consumer appeal.

The redesign process was guided by three basic core principles say top execs and designers. These were to be a true Blackberry and continue to build on the company slogan of “a tool, not a toy”. The new product had to be true to original intentions of Blackberry while embodying that value associated with the brand’s efficiency and productivity.

There was also the core value to remain true to the purposefulness of the previous handset designs. Blackberries have long been known for their ease in one-handed operations. Designers took this one step further by combining one and two handed operations in order to give users more efficient functionality.

The Z10 also offers users a larger screen that gave app designers better pixel control. This also gives users a more immersive experience and more gesture room. This newly designed more cinematic experience has the end result of simple and consistent screen navigation and vast user experience improvement.

With all these redesigns and the goal to take the Blackberry experience and not only improve on it but gain  new users as well as appease longtime fans, it should be interesting to see if RMI’s hard work pays off in the long run or not.

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