Rovio Made $106,3 Million in 2011

Rovio Entertainment Ltd, the company which produced Angry Birds, announced its revenue in 2011 officially in a press release yesterday.

Base on this report, the total revenue amounted to €75.4 million ($106,3 million) driven by strong growth in game download activity and consumer product sales. Earnings before tax were €48,0 million ($67.6 million) or 64% of total revenue in 2011.

The big share of this revenue id depend on selling Angry Birds, however the company also produced the related accessories and toys made base on the characters of this game.

“The strong growth in revenue clearly demonstrates the popularity of the Angry Birds brand.” Mikael Hed, Rovio CEO said. “The heavy investments made in 2011 to all business areas will be seen in future products. To ensure continuous success we need to be creative and stay focused on entertaining our millions of fans by continuously developing new and innovative products and services.”

Rovio also had good performance in 2012. The company released another version of Angry Birds called Space in cooperation with NASA. The game downloaded more than 50 million times in less than 35 days.

Rovio Entertainment Ltd. or Rovio is a Finnish video game developer and entertainment company based in Espoo. The company was founded in 2003 as a mobile game development studio named Relude, and in 2005 renamed as Rovio. The number of employees grew from 28 to 224 during the year 2011.

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