Rumors Continue About Larger iPhone 6 and iPad

Rumors Continue About Larger iPhone 6 and iPad

The news surrounding the eventual iPhone 6 mainly have to do with a larger screen—something that has worked extremely well for Samsung’s Galaxy family of smartphones as well as others—and the overall design.

Based on unofficial concept art and a trend of curved screens (render shown below), it seems to be something that those who follow iPhone are interested in. There are others who are interested in a bigger screen going edge to edge.

Curved iPhone 6 render

There have even been concept art of a clear iPhone that shows your palm holding the phone. That said, the usefulness of such a feature was never really explained.

Digitimes has reported that the next iPhone 6 can be expected around May 2014 and that it would be utilizing a 20mm processor from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company.

The general consensus among agencies–or rather a “wishlist” of sorts– is that the iPhone 6 will be sporting at least a 5-inch screen.

Also mentioned by Digitimes is a larger, 12.9 inch iPad looking at an October 2014 release. It was said that the larger iPad would be geared toward the North American educational market.

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