Rumors: iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 ready for 2013

Rumors: iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 ready for 2013

Rumors coming from a Chinesse website suggest the iPhone 5S and a bigger iPhone 6 will be released by Apple in 2013. The latest rumors come from a few websites which link to a post on Laoyaoba where a person says we could see an iPhone 5S and a 5 inch screen iPhone 6 in 2013, they also claim to have seen both idevices.

From everything we have gathered the iPhone 5S will look like the iPhone 5, which is pretty obvious and previously rumored, the iPhone 6 will sport a 5-inch display according to the rumors.

Rumors of larger iPhones and different iPhone sizes have been around since apple released the first iPhone. We’ve yet to see leaked pictures or specs that could give credibility to the rumors.

We will keep you posted as more news about the iPhone 5s and 6 are available.

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