Samsung Calls For May Legal Decision To Be Thrown Out Against Apple

Samsung Calls For May Legal Decision To Be Thrown Out Against Apple

The legal battles between Apple and Samsung are never-ending. Sure, hostilities might cool off for a bit, but there will always be something about patents or court costs underneath the piles of folders and papers prompting a new case.

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In this case, Samsung has filed a post-trial motion to call for the May verdict to be tossed out and for it to be reimbursed $145 million. The outcome of that trial was in Apple’s favor with the Seoul-based company owing over $533 million.

Samsung feels it should get a summary judgment or a new trial. Given the company’s luck against Apple it seems odd it would want another trial at all. In addition to this, it wants $145 million that it paid in regards to another patent infringement case. The technology at the center of that battle was multi-touch screens and related software. Since the patent has been invalidated, Samsung wants its money.

In all honesty, Samsung got off easy in the late May case as Apple was aiming for $1 billion and it was before Judge Koh who tends to lean towards Apple in decisions. Expect updates on the case within ten days as Apple has to respond to the filing. Further developments will come July 26 with a scheduled hearing before Judge Koh.

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