Samsung Appoints New President of Mobile Division

Samsung Appoints New President of Mobile Division

Samsung CEO JK Shin is stepping down from the deep-in-the-trenches management aspect of the company’s smartphone wing according to Reuters. Taking over as president of the division will be Dongjin Koh.

Originally in charge of the research and development division of Samsung’s mobile wing, he has some of the recent, popular phones in the Galaxy line under his belt. This previous role put him right there with the actual conception and construction of devices.

With his new role of heading up the managerial side of that same wing, it will be up to him to not only maintain the quality of the Galaxy family, but exceed that quality with each new device and make it easier for them to fly off the shelves. This means new features, better operation, and making it so that selling those features in a way that diehard Galaxy fans or potential new customers will want the phone.

As for Shin, he will remain on as chief over mobile and focus on the “long-term strategy” in the mobile wing in addition to “new businesses”—something that will be needed to breathe life into the company given the performance of Samsung this year.

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