Samsung Details A Future In Space Internet

Samsung Details A Future In Space Internet

Several tech titans have pointed to using the final frontier as a means to solve internet access issues with the use of satellites. Google is one example of using the skies as a means of providing accessible internet to Africa and Asia via blimps. Samsung has hit the drawing board and are looking to take a page out of SpaceX’s book and shoot for satellites.

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According the company’s R&D president Farooq Khan’s Mobile Internet from the Heavens research paper, the plan is build a network utilizing 4,600 satellites to achieve the feat. Khan says that by using Low Earth Orbit satellites, Samsung would be able to deliver access faster than the networks used now. Not only that, but extremely heavy traffic of 200GB a month for 5 billion could be handle at the suggested altitude of 160 to 2,000 kilometers.

Looking at the paper, it’s mostly possibilities how the concept could be implemented. There’s nothing tangible on the cost of such an endeavor for Samsung or cost of upkeep although methods of keeping cost low are mentioned. In the end current technology would make Samsung and Khan’s goal for Space Internet hard to achieve, but there is optimism that advancements will push things along to making this a reality for the company.

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