The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall By The Numbers

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall By The Numbers


With the official recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, several figures have popped up surrounding it.

First there’s the number of devices that the company and U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission is requesting to be turned in following the investigation: 1.9 million. That number includes the one million launch Note 7 devices with the rest making up the replacement phones.

The number of overheating reports in the U.S is a much smaller amount of the overall number of phones out there, but you can never be too careful. At the moment, Samsung reports that it received 96 reports of the phone overheating. It was also reported that 23 of those 96 reports came after the original recall and that the Commission is looking into six more reports.

In regards to damage done by the Note 7s, there were 47 incidents of property damage and 13 incidents of burns. It’s possible that the number was originally higher as Samsung and the Commission said that after looking into the reports some turned out to be unrelated to the recall.

The last concerning number is that as of September only 60-percent of the launch run Galaxy Note 7s have been turned in. This is despite a month of warning, news, and incentives to turn the phones in.

It can’t be said enough, but if you still have a Samsung Galaxy Note 7—whether you got it during launch or as a replacement—turn it off and take it back to your carrier or the store.

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