Samsung Galaxy Note II Hit Iran’s Market

Samsung Galaxy Note II Hit Iran's Market

Pars Samtel, the official distributer of Samsung products in Iran, officially started selling of Samsung Galaxy Note II in Iran’s markets. A few weeks ago, Pars Samtel in cooperation with Samsung company held the introductory session for Galaxy Note II attended by Sungwon Jung, the president of Samsung in Iran.

Around 200 people were lined up outside the Kamran Store locates in Jomhouri street to buy the first Galaxy Notes in Iran. Samsung set special prizes for the first buyers of Galaxy Note II in Iran. The same procedure took place on other major cities including Mashhad and Yazd.

“Samsung dominated market in Iran during the last year thank to Galaxy products. Samsung Galaxy Note II invites people to be more creative. It gives life to your ideas and you can easily share them with your friends.” Sungwon Jung said during the Samsung event held in Tehran.

Samsung is one of the most successful companies in manufacturing tablets and smart phones. American rivals of Samsung, cannot ship their products and distribute them in Iran due to United States embargoes in Iran’s economy. But the Korean company has better conditions in compare to its rivals.

The Samsung Galaxy Note II is a smartphone–tablet computer hybrid designed, developed and marketed by Samsung. It is the successor to the Samsung Galaxy Note, and is the second device in the company’s Note series, which places emphasis on the use of a stylus.

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