Samsung Rumored To Make Galaxy S10+ Display Even Larger

Samsung Rumored To Make Galaxy S10+ Display Even Larger

There has been some buzz about what Samsung has planned for the upcoming Galaxy S10+. In a Friday report, The Investor said that company made changes to the phone leading to speculation that the change has to do with the display.

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It’s not surprising given the emphasis that is often put on the display and its size or shape. Other hardware is often discussed but the focus tends to be on the display since it’s the most readily available thing to review and report on. Plus, the modern displays usually delivers in the crisp picture and video department.            

South Korean publication The Bell first broke the story through suppliers for Samsung. The next phone is rumored to now have a 6.44-inch display increased from 6.33-inches. It’s believed that Samsung’s move is a result of Apple planning to release the next iPhone with a reported a 6.46-inch display.

The changes would put both flagship handsets in the phablet–phone-tablet–range. If Samsung goes through with its plans, the next Galaxy Note would probably end up being larger in size. It should be noted this is all speculation at the moment.

The Galaxy S10 is scheduled to be released early next year and its competitor, the next iPhone is scheduled to be released in the fall.

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