Samsung Galaxy S5 Launches April 11, Faces A Wall In South Korea

Samsung Galaxy S5 Launches April 11, Faces A Wall In South Korea

While Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S5 smartphone will be hitting stores worldwide April 11, but in the company’s home country the phone will run into a 45 day ban.

According to Reuters, the ban is imposed on South Korean carriers such as KT Corp, SK Telecom, and LG UPlus Corp and will runs from March 13 to May 19. The reason the ban was imposed was due to regulations being overstepped.

Analysts have pointed out that South Korea only accounts for a small portion of Samsung’s revenue on handsets, but the 45 day ban on carriers would mean that the Samsung Galaxy S5 wouldn’t take advantage of those crucial out of the gate sales.

In speaking about the Galaxy S5, a spokeswoman didn’t mention the carrier ban, but did state that they would have a promotion of $600 pre-paid/discounted subscriptions to LinkedIn, Paypal, and Dropbox services.

The specifics of the ban is that SK Telecom can’t sign up or sell handsets to new customers or upgrade phones on services younger than two years. The largest carrier’s ban runs from April 5 to May 19. KT Corp is banned from sales from March 13 to April 4 while LG UPlus is out of action starting April 27 and running until May 18.

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