Samsung Will Sale Gear 360 At VidCon 2016

Samsung Will Sale Gear 360 At VidCon 2016

The Samsung Gear 360 will be available on a very, very limited basis tomorrow at Anaheim’s VidCon. Priced at $350, the video camera is expected to have a mainstream release later in the year.

For those unfamiliar with VidCon, it’s an online video convention that has run in Southern California since 2010. Each year VidCon has seen larger and larger attendance numbers and more YouTube-based content creators have appeared. It makes sense that Samsung would showcase the Gear 360 at what could very well be an even bigger convention than last year’s which saw 19,500 attendees.

Samsung will also use the convention to showcase what the Gear VR—and Gear 360—can offer to content creation as far as features and the Samsung Creators initiative which will encourage creators to make content with the Gear family of devices.

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