Samsung joins with EA Games to give Apple a run for the money

Samsung joins with EA Games to give Apple a run for the money

Samsung and Electronic Arts, Inc. announced they are teaming up in hopes of luring indie game developers as a way to expand Samsung’s game library and draw business away from Apple. The two are planning to offer indie gaming developers unusually strong incentives as a way to draw them to the Korean based company’s fledgling app store.

The mobile games publishing division of EA, Chillingo, is heading up the operation labeled “100% Indie”. The plan is to let the independent developers keep 100% of their revenue for the first six months as compared to cut offered by Apple and other platforms of 30%.  After the six months, Samsung would take 10% of the revenue and the other 90% would go to the developer. The revenue cut under the new program would rise to 30% for Samsung by the end of the second year. This is similar to other programs offered by Apple and Google.

These types of higher revenue sharing cuts are often a crucial fact for small independent gaming companies trying to get established and stay in business. A good example of this is Chillingo, developer of the wildly popular “Angry Birds” game. The smaller indie company was discovered and purchased by gaming giant EA in 2010.  This move helped bring games such as “Cut the Rope” and “Angry Birds” into the mainstream of gaming resulting in billions of downloads on mobile devices.

The program is scheduled to launch in March of this year and aims to increase the edgier indie games along with more popular mainstream games. Chillingo’s co-founder, Chris Byatte stated that the new program is definitely unprecedented and any one joining will definitely benefit from it.

Although Samsung has at times overtaken Apple in smartphone sales, they don’t dominate the apps market.  The main goal of the program is to change their standings in the apps market and give the industry dominating Apple a run for the money.

Samsung sources say that the program is not exclusive and will allow developers to create games for them that can also be published for other app markets. They will also allow developers to bring existing games to Samsung devices.  While the aim is mainly for indie games, big name established developers are welcome as well. Such top sellers as “Angry Birds” and “Temple Run” are already available for Samsung devices and the company is confident the new initiative will draw more high quality games.


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