Samsung Live TV Service Is At The Drawing Board

Samsung Live TV Service Is At The Drawing Board

It looks as though even major tech companies are diving into the live streaming TV market as is the case with Samsung. The Seoul-based manufacturer is currently in negotiations with companies to have networks on its services. Having networks would mean having a wealth of programming available.

The specifics of the negotiations include sorting out a workable price for media groups for networks and seeing what markets those networks could be shown in. Depending on a country’s regulatory rules and any number of factors, a family of networks could only be shown in specific markets.

For instance XYZ Broadcasting’s flagship company XYZ could conflict with a country’s native major network offerings but XYZ Sports, XYZ Kids, and XYZ Xtreme could all be acceptable.

Having the service available upon the launch of a new Galaxy phone with a few months free could serve as a good way to draw new users in. Making it exclusive to Galaxy’s family phones while offering something other similar services don’t have—like international channels from everywhere—could also make the smartphones more appealing to those who didn’t consider picking them up.

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