Roughly Half Of Recalled Galaxy Note 7 Smartphones Have Been Turned In

Roughly Half Of Recalled Galaxy Note 7 Smartphones Have Been Turned In

Now a few weeks removed from Samsung’s call for U.S-based Galaxy Note 7 owners to turn in their smartphone because a dangerous battery flaw, the company said that around half of owners have turned in the phones.

This up from the 130,000 returns reported last week. The main thing that drove those numbers is that there are now replacements available stateside. As a matter of fact, the company said that 90-percent of customers who turned in their potentially defective phone simply got a replacement Galaxy Note 7.

Despite the phone being well received upon launch and the signs that even in a recall people really wanted to either keep their Galaxy Note 7 or turn it in for the exact same model showing that people love this phone, the incident will be a hard one to turn around.

The company got in front of things when the first couple of incidents occurred but were slow to team up with consumer groups. That and there’s been several weeks of news covering every step of the recall and incidents that happened in that time. Samsung can only hope sales will resume and strengthen and the rest of potential defective phones are turned in.

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