Samsung Is Looking At Selling Refurbished Top Line Smartphones

Samsung Is Looking At Selling Refurbished Top Line Smartphones

Samsung is looking to start selling refurbished Galaxy phones by early 2017.  In a report from Reuters, a source pointed out that Samsung is looking into ways to continue turning a profit on the line up and looks at selling refurbished phones as one avenue.

High end smartphones that were returned in upgrade programs will be the focus of the refurbishing approach. As expected, the phone would be sold at a lower price than launch. It’s an approach used by competitor Apple and any number of second hand retailers on online marketplaces, only in the case of the latter it’s often at much lower prices than the company would sell devices—even if they were used or repaired.

Outside of that, Reuters’ source didn’t detail how much of a price cut potential customers could be looking at or what markets the refurbished phones would hit. One would think Samsung would include markets that take more to budget phones to top line ones in a bid to eventually condition the market to the top line devices.

The move could also help Samsung get into markets dominated by domestic companies or rivals that do great business in markets where it struggles. As evidenced in other electronics markets—particularly gaming—refurbished devices will move if the price is an affordable enough dip.

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