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Samsung Smart School

Samsung has been big on education for some time now via providing devices, temperature control units, and many other things to better both the learning experience and the learning environment. Back in February, Samsung initiated Smart Education in select cities in over 20 countries including the UK, the US, Australia, and the company’s home base of South Korea.

The purpose of the Smart School project is to enhance the learning experience and get students acquainted with technology early and make learning more efficient. Among other things teachers can watch their student’s activity on screens remotely and control those screens as they see fit. For this project, Samsung is working with textbook provider Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

According to the official site for Smart School, it “gives your staff greater control over their classroom, increasing student engagement and ensuring a more efficient transfer of materials to pupil” it also allows for teachers to “monitor class attendance and participation”. This would bring teachers a long way from patrolling the aisles and having look across the room constantly to make sure a student isn’t shirking their lessons.  The site provides instructors with installation packages, manuals, and will soon provide training packs and tutorials.

Stateside, the Samsung Smart School Solution Pilot has been used in the Memphis area at Geeter Middle School since September of last year. In use were the GALAXY Note 10.1 and interactive whiteboards. It seems to be divided into three main areas of focus: Interactive Management Solution which gives teachers the power to administer lesson materials to students and monitor progress as it happens and lock screens with voice commands. The Learning Management System lets teachers provide e-textbooks and learning apps in addition to class notices. There are even forums available that students can use. Also mentioned above is the Student Information System, a management tool that allows teachers to track attendance, grades, merits, and demerits.

All of this sure beats sharing dated textbooks and the big grade book teachers have to monitor all of their classes for a quarter. This would definitely make huge changes if it caught on and mean more educational tools moved for Samsung. By letting select schools use this technology, they can monitor how students and the educational process as a whole improve and better promote it to schools globally.

Do you see the Samsung Smart School Solution catching on nationally or internationally? Will other companies follow suit beyond giving out computers to schools?

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