Samsung and Six Flags Team Up For Roller Coaster-VR Rides

Samsung and Six Flags Team Up For Roller Coaster-VR Rides

Six Flags and Samsung are looking to provide amusement park goers with a new experience when it comes to roller coasters by way of Gear VR headsets. The plan is for nine rides to offer VR with three of rides taking showcase a Superman adventure where Lex Luthor must be defeated and the other six focusing on preventing an alien invasion in an experience called “New Revolution.”

The chain will allow for season pass holders to get in on demo runs or “technical rehearsals” of VR experience before the public gets to ride. Six Flags equipped the roller coasters with a set number of headsets for quick cleaning.

An issue with mixing VR and roller coasters would seem to be motion sickness—given that separately, users and riders of both could experience sickness with the experience. Six Flags says that this won’t be an issue since visuals, coaster speed, twists and turns are all synced.

The partnership marks Samsung’s first venture into matching VR and tourist entertainment in the U.S—and the first for VR in the U.S overall—but the company is looking to do the same with the UK’s Alton Towers and Thorpe Park.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see interest in the pairing spread elsewhere or see an increase in the number of parks using Gear VR in the U.S and lead to more coasters being built around different VR experiences.

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