Samsung Takes Steps To Improve Worker Conditions At South Korean Plant

Samsung Takes Steps To Improve Worker Conditions At South Korean Plant

In addition to starting a $85.8 million fund for workers who were diagnosed with cancer while working in its plants, Samsung will now allow inspectors into manufacturing plants for a period of three years. The agreement comes after Samsung signed a document presented by groups speaking on behalf of workers who became ill or injured working in the company’s plants.

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Inspections will be carried out via a mutually selected labor law professor and their inspection team. Samsung will also list chemicals used in the manufacturing process and open a worker’s clinic. This will help in the early detection and treatment of illnesses gained while working in the plant in the future as well as any injuries that could occur.

Samsung’s human rights violations came to light with the film Another Promise which was a fictional account of the death of worker Hwang Yu-mi who died of leukemia after working around the company’s chemicals in its plant. With it came other allegations that hundreds of workers became ill working for the company and around 70 died as a result of conditions. Due to the country’s regulatory procedures, Samsung and affiliates managed to sidestep extreme inspections due to receiving high marks.

This wasn’t Samsung’s only black mark with human rights. The company also was also subject to an investigation into child labor violations in China, something that a supplier of competitor Apple also had to deal with.

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