Samsung To Implement 8-Step Battery Test For Future Devices

Samsung To Implement 8-Step Battery Test For Future Devices

So when there’s a major, potentially dangerous mishap that becomes a huge debacle for a company the reasonable thing to do is to apologize and explain steps to prevent it in the future. This shows that a company has actually learned a lesson at the minimum and Samsung has done both.

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Following the release of the investigation findings, Samsung announced that in addition to establishing an advisory board, it will be testing its batteries in eight steps to reduce or prevent incidents like the Galaxy Note 7.

The first of the steps is a durability test featuring a puncture, overcharging, and temperature test runs. The second is a visual inspection for abnormalities. This appears to be an external inspection because third is an x-ray inspection for internal abnormalities such as the two that caused the faulty batteries in the Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung To Implement 8-Step Battery Test For Future Devices

There will be a charge and discharge test as well as a leakage test further checking the durability of the battery. In addition to the discharge and charge tests Samsung will check the voltage of batteries along the manufacturing process, take the battery a part to check the parts and make sure it was put together properly, and put batteries through paces in an “accelerated” usage test to make sure none of the issues that were checked don’t pop up while the device is in use.

The 8-Point Battery Safety Check Test will be used for all Galaxy devices going forward.


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