Samsung To Release Galaxy Note 7 Findings Soon

Samsung To Release Galaxy Note 7 Findings Soon

At CES Samsung announced that it would be revealing its Galaxy Note 7 findings soon. It’s expected that the gesture would allow for Samsung move away from the Note 7 situation once and for all and focus on this year’s products.

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The Galaxy Note 7’s flaw was all in a faulty battery which resulted in overheating problems. In some cases the batteries would catch fire and some owners have been injured by the devices.

To address the issue, Samsung called for owners to turn their Note 7s in initially which prompted carriers to join in and do the same in addition to offering incentives to do so quickly.

An official recall would be issued some time later, but devices were slow to come in as users held on to their phones. Samsung would also release software that prevented the Note 7 from charging past a certain point.

November saw an update that reminded owners to turn their devices in. So far 93-percent of Galaxy Note 7s have been returned.

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