Saudi Arabia Invests More Than 687 Million Riyals for Health Projects in Qassim

Salah Al Qassim , The Director General of Health Affairs of Kharraz region announced the value of material for projects in Qassim region for this year exceeded SR 687 were distributed among a number of projects of the region .

The projects include a birth hospital and children Rass with a capacity of 200 beds at $200 million, and a birth and child hospital in province Unaizah a capacity of 200 beds, “And $ 200 million Riyals for furnishing and equipping housing Mental Health Hospital Buridah $ 60 million Riyals for the establishment of housing Rulrh Hospital $ 15 million for furnishing and equipping Rulrh hospital $ 20 million. Projects also include establishment of 7 new health centers and the establishment of 7 medical depots and the promotion of some amounts of projects currently in place .

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