South Carolina Inmates Get 20 Years Solitary Confinement For Music Video

South Carolina Inmates Get 20 Years Solitary Confinement For Music Video

According to BuzzFeed, seven inmates in the South Carolina prison system picked up 19.75 years of solitary confinement for filming a music video and posting it online. It wasn’t explained how the inmates got the phone to film the video or how they uploaded it to a popular online music community.

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The Electronic Frontier Foundation found out about the situation by way of South Carolina Department of Corrections disciplinary reports it received via a public records request. The DOC only found out about the video in question after it hit WorldStarHipHop. The list of charges include: using a contraband phone and “creating or assisting with a social media site.”

Earlier this year the Electronic Frontier Foundation explained how the South Carolina DOC made that “creating or assisting with a social media site” such a damaging charge that it could result in heavy time in the solitary—so heavy that it’s a Level 1 offense.

The “assisting” part is where the inmates were charged with since uploading to a site that is heavy on sharing user content is “assisting”—or rather participating—in that site’s community. It’s not just limited to video content, the report shows that inmates were getting decades of both time in solitary, stripped privileges, and months of good time lost for infractions such as posting comments and text posts on social media sites.

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