Shahab Khodro’s CEO Resigned

The CEO of Shahab Khodro resigned from his position in response to expulsion of 625 staff from this Iranian car manufacturer.

“Recently the organization of Qods Razavi (the investor and supporter of Shahab Khodro) decided to sack 625 workers from their job in this company. After that I talked to authorities of that corporation and persuaded them to let the workers get back to their work. But they accepted to restore only 75 staffs.” Mohammad Heydari said.

“Apparently Qods Razavi Organization is not interested to continue its cooperation with Shahab Khodro because they have not yet paid the adjusted budget. Because of the current conditions and in a response and objection to the expulsions of staffs I have decided to resign from my position as CEO and the head of board of directors.” Heydari reiterated.

Shahab Khodro founded in 1962, it is one of the oldest and best-known Iranian motor companies. The company produces 1000 buses per year and 500 assorted service vehicles. The company produces other vehicle-related products and functions such as frames, body shop, painting shop, chassis assembly line, trimming hall, machining press, and welding shops.

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