Sidecar Closes Doors At The End of 2015

Sidecar Closes Doors At The End of 2015

Ride-sharing company Sidecar will end its services tomorrow due mainly to not having the financial weight to continue operations. Co-founders Jahan Khanna and Sunil Paul thanked Sidecar’s staff and fans. Paul also pointed out how Sidecar was an innovator in the ride-sharing game.

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The San Francisco-based company came along sometime after Uber and slightly before Lyft, but has been considered an innovator in features that are now commonplace with ride-sharing services. What didn’t help is the ride-sharing arena being crowded with other services on the local and global stage.

With all those services vying for the attention of investors, Sidecar not being able to break into that competitive arena with the big two isn’t surprising. That isn’t to say that Sidecar never gained money during financing drives, but it can’t be said that the company raised enough to make a significant dent.

The founding duo noted that while Sidecar’s run in the ride-share industry comes to an end, the company could be around in another form. “This is the end of the road for the Sidecar ride and delivery service, but it’s by no means the end of the journey for the company.”  Paul closes with saying that there will be something big from the two—possibly under the Sidecar brand—in the new year.

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