Siri coming soon to a Mac laptop near you?

Siri coming soon to a Mac laptop near you?

Recent online rumors indicate that Apple is looking to expand its popular voice activated interaction app Siri. According to industry watchers, such as Tech Crunch, Mashable and Apple Insider, a job opening for “Siri Engineer” was spotted on Apple’s website that has since been removed. The position listed as looking for someone with OS X, UNIX and Mac OSX experience. Although sources indicate that the job description didn’t mention iOS specifically, Siri’s current operating system, it did state that the company was taking every application that Siri interacts with, distilling it down to fundamentals and implementing the app’s user interface in a Siri type theme. The listing did call for strong mobile skills and hinted at big things to come.

Does this mean that Apple is looking to add Siri to desk and laptops in the near future? If so, it would finally place the popular virtual assistant app on every major class of Apple hardware. Since the popular app was introduced in 2011 in the iPhone 4S, it has made its way to both the iPod Touch and the iPad.  Although the current Mac OS X desktop software does feature a dictation program it is different from Siri. The move to add Siri to Mac computers would be a homecoming of sorts. The original version of Siri, acquired by Apple, although conceived as a mobile phone app is rooted in another AI assistant program known as CALO (Cognitive Assistant that learns and Organizes).

The addition of a dictation feature to iPad before Apple released the fully functioning Siri app suggests a similar two-step release plan for Mac users. While adding Siri to Mac computers does seem like an obvious step, the job listing didn’t just describe this movement. It specifically described a major expansion of Siri’s features while working with new applications to design and develop a more natural voice interface.  The job listing went on to hint at collaborative work with other Apple teams to build apps in a way that would enable cross communication and access.  The job listing specifically noted that there would be a responsibility for performance analysis and tuning.

Given the fact that there are limited resources when it comes to mobile devices, it seems logical that Apple would want to squeeze every bit of performance it can out of Siri. Who knows what the future holds for Apple and Siri. It should be interesting to sit back and watch how this rumor develops and find out what Apple will do next.


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